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pewag has been working in the manufacturing of chains and components for several centuries. To ensure outstanding quality of their range, all their production facilities are still based in Central Europe. This way pewag is able to keep an overview of the entire manufacturing and ensure highest quality standards, longevity and value for money for its users.

Taking Traction to an entirely new level of performance

The future of traction innovation with the “all new” pewag Bluetrack. Bluetrack is specifically made for extreme applications. The combination of top-grade materials and decades long experience of our engineers in the forestry industry yields a product that knows no compromise. pewag tracks have superior wear resistance and extended lifetime thanks to a special hardening process for the connecting elements.

Why trust in pewag forestry products?

  • Highest quality standards: high-grade materials, processed in Europe
  • Longevity of products: many years’ experience, sophisticated manufacturing processes
  • Customer-focused service: optimized customer service thanks to a global network
  • Environmentally aware: innovative solutions that protect the forest floor
  • Sustainability: ISO certificate for environmental sustainability

pewag forestry tracks provide reliable grip on all subsoils and protect the environment thanks to minimal soil impact.

In rough terrain, reliability and stability are decisive factors for safe, efficient processes. pewag forestry tracks ensure optimised traction in all terrains as well as improved wear resistance and lasting soil protection.

To offer customers the right solutions for all applications and requirements, the pewag range consists of duo as well as of mono tracks.

Starwave® Stud

pewag’s innovative Starwave® profile studs owe their increased durability and grip to their unique grooved design. The ridges allow for a deeper case hardening, making them extremely wear resistant.

Bluetrack Duro

Developed for universal forestry operations with small machines in standard conditions.

  • Increases the resilience of lighter forestry machines
  • Offers universal fields of application in a range of terrains
  • Effortless operations even on wet or rocky ground
Bluetrack Duro

Bluetrack Perfect

Designed for steep and rocky terrain, even when the conditions are snowy and muddy.

  • Optimized grip on steep and rocky terrain
  • Reliable protection against tire damage
  • Improved traction between track and tire
Bluetrack Perfect

Bluetrack Flow

Tailored to be gentle on the soil but tough on load capacities. It’s a specialist on soft soil.

  • Wide contact surface area offers flotation
  • Effortless operation on wet or soft ground
  • Innovative mounting of the forged Starwave profile studs ensures optimum grip
Bluetrack Flow

Bluetrack Mono Skidder

A true all-rounder that can be used universally.

Skidders are the work horses of the forests, often having to make their way across rough and steep terrain to do their job. Wheel tracks provide superior traction and are self cleaning, in addition to providing tire protection and extended tire life.

  • Innovative Starwave profile studs ensure optimum grip and prolonged lifespan
  • 4 horizontal welded-on Starwave studs provide more stability and even traction
  • Can be used on new and used tires.
Bluetrack Mono Skidder