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HSP Gripen is one of the leading companies within the grapple manufacturing sector. HSP Gripen has all its production based in Hudiksvall, Sweden is manufactured using the latest technology to produce grapples of the absolute highest quality. 

The design philosophy behind HSP Gripen prioritizes maintaining high productivity and swift operation. With a low-profile and lightweight construction, the grapples are not only easy to transport but also offer additional lifting height while occupying minimal space. The unique claw design facilitates smooth and rapid operation across various materials, ensuring seamless engagement and high filling ratios.

Furthermore, the incorporation of dual hydraulic cylinders in all grapples, except the smallest ones, contributes to a low axle load and end position cushioning, resulting in exceptional handling characteristics. The inclusion of dual boom tubes enhances stability and power, making HSP Gripen grapples reliable and robust. Expander bolts come standard, completing the package for users seeking optimal performance.


HSP Gripen is designed to help you maintain a high level of productivity and efficiency. The unique shape of the claws to improve timber handling, the twin cylinders that provides low and even shaft loading – meaning less wear, and the high strength steel are just some of the excellent features you get when choosing a grapple tool from Gripen.

End Positioning Dampening on Cylinders

is standard equipment

Expander Pins

Are standard on all forestry grapples

Made from high grade steel

Powder coated

Unique Design

with superior filling volume and smooth roll-in

Superior Twin Cylinder Design

• For low and even axle load
• More balanced
• More even applied force at end of claws

Reliable and user friendly