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A Tract in Time: A History of Wallingford’s Inc.

  • 1972

    Since 1972, recognizing industry needs has been a core strength of Wallingford’s Inc. Our experienced management and sales team follows the domestic and international markets to understand the trends and discover the demand for new products and services. Through extensive research and development, Wallingford’s answers those demands bringing innovative, new products and services to the industry.

    Wallingford’s additional strengths lie within its professional and experienced administrative team that provides comprehensive, integrated information systems for design manufacturing and sales needs.

    Wallingford’s Inc.® is an international wholesaler of tire chain, logging and industrial supplies; the largest of its kind in North America. The sales and marketing offices are located in a modern facility in Oakland, Maine, with a state of the art distribution, assembly, and administrative facility in New Hampton, New Hampshire. They have added distribution facilities in Montreal, Quebec, and Edmonton, Alberta and an European Union Distribution Center in Holland.

  • 1972

    Invented an easy low cost conversion from chain choker systems to cable choker systems, J1 choker, allowing for increased productivity in New England as smaller diameter soft wood became more prevalent.

    R.L. Wallingford & Son is founded.


  • 1975


    Wallingford’s, Inc. is established.


  • 1976

    Introduced industry first color strand on imported wire rope for brand recognition.

  • 1978



    First U.S. importer to market forestry tire chains on national level.

  • 1982

    Designed and introduced Loggerhook®, setting new standards for chain choker systems.

    Designed and introduced Loggergrab® setting new standards for chain choker systems.
    Designed and introduced Log Slide®, setting new standards for chain choker systems.
    Designed and introduced Hammerlok®, setting new standards for chain choker systems.
  • 1984

    Introduced Super Swaged wire rope to U.S. logging market, forever changing wire rope used for winch lines nationwide.

  • 1986


    Joined together in the founding of BABAC® Inc., today the largest manufacturer of forestry tire chains in North America.

    Invented U-Form® stud. Developed first of its kind through hardened Boron alloy steel. Invented slanted ½ links used for ring chains.

  • 1991


    Designed and introduced WA2 chain to market, the first ever chain choker utilizing a combination of heat treatment process of surface and core.

  • 1991


    Designed and introduced WA1 chain to market, the first ever chain choker utilizing a combination of heat treatment process of surface and core.

  • 1993


    Developed first of its kind link shape, steel, and hardening process for chain used for debarking.

  • 1995

    Wallingford's Inc.

    Wallingford’s Inc. changed it original Logo to what it is today.

  • 1996

    Founded new import/export marketing division, International Chain and Cable®, developing new concepts in tire chain design, industrial chain, hooks and binders.

  • 2001


    Aquiline® tire chains are introduced and assembled in our new New Hampshire distribution center.



  • 2005


    Celebrating 30 years since our beginning we opened our new World Headquarters in Oakland Maine supporting our expanded sales, marketing and customer service departments.

  • 2009


    Expanded our sales efforts into Europe, culminating with the opening of our new European Distribution Center in The Netherlands in the fall of 2009.



    Introduced MaxiGrip™ ice studs to the US market.

  • 2011

    Wallingford’s Inc. New Brand Symbol for Castings and Forgings.

    Wallingford’s Inc. New Brand Symbol for ICC Chains and Forgings.

  • 2012


    Wallingford’s Inc. announces the opening of its Distribution Center in Edmonton AB, Canada. The Edmonton Distribution Center will enable Wallingford’s Inc. to provide improved customer service and faster delivery times to our Western Canadian customers.

  • 2013


    Clark Tracks Ltd announces appointment of Wallingford’s Inc. as United States distributor. Later, in 2016, distribution is expanded to include Canada.

  • 2014


    Wallingford’s Inc. introduces all new square link design flail chain to America.

  • 2015



    GB® Group announces appointment of Wallingford’s Inc. as United States distributor of GB® harvester and slasher bars. In 2017, Wallingford’s becomes the Canadian distributor for GB® Bars.

  • 2016

    Due to recent growth, Wallingford’s Inc. acquired an additional distribution center in Montreal, Quebec.


    Wallingford’s Inc. partners with Nordic Traction and begins distribution of NordChain truck and skidder tire chains throughout North America.

    Wallingford’s Inc. partners with Carlton® to distribute harvester chains and accessories.

  • 2019

    Wallingford’s Inc. proudly introduces Orbit™ Saw Chain.

  • 2020

    Veriga and Wallingford’s Inc have formed a cooperation for the distribution of their Forestry and Track products throughout North America.

  • 2022

    pewag group, a global leading company in traction chain devices and industrial chain solutions (founded 1479), today announced that is has completed the acquisition of Wallingford’s Inc. and BABAC Inc, a leading U.S.-based provider of forestry traction devices, forestry supplies and snow chains. Wallingford’s and BABAC have been consolidated as part of pewag’s Traction and Forestry
    segment as of December 17th, 2021.