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For decades GB ® has continued to be the leader in manufacturing only the best and toughest bar available. A unique blend of Titanium & Alloy Steel yields the ultra-high strength material which ensures trouble free performance in all cutting conditions. This military grade, bullet proof steel is the strongest steel available and is uniquely manufactured to withstand the harshest of conditions. Operators all across the world continue to find ultimate satisfaction in GB® bars!

The GB® Group has been manufacturing guide bars and associated products since 1959. The Group is an international, Australian based company consisting of multiple modern state of the art production lines, utilizing laser cutting technology, CNC machines and computer controlled processors.

GB® Group PTY Ltd., Victoria, Australia announced a new agreement with Wallingford’s Inc. in 2015 to be the exclusive distributor in the United States of GB® Harvester and Slasher bars. Wallingford’s Inc. has been serving the logging community since 1975 and is committed to supplying only the absolute best products to their customers.

For over 50 years they have built a solid reputation by manufacturing products that set new industry standards and has therefore played a significant role in the development of the forestry industry. The GB® Group has been expanding their range of guide bars, sprockets, and accessories catering to all markets and customers throughout the world.


GB® XV®, The legend just keeps getting better!  With the introduction of the all new Titanium®-XV® bar, GB® has once again proven that they continue to be the leader of the industry by consistently finding solutions for the needs of each operator. The new XV® model is available in .404″ bars and is the standard that all other bars will be held to. With a newly designed ultra-high strength Titanium® Alloy Steel bar body the new XV® is still the hardest bar available today!

GB® Professional Harvester Bars .404″ pitch are designed with mounting configurations to fit most mechanical harvesting equipment. For decades GB® has delivered the highest quality alloy steel. Combined with real Titanium®, this high grade alloy steel becomes extremely durable, resulting in fewer bends and increasing run time for operators. GB® has consistently manufactured a unique profiled bar that meets the chain perfectly for optimum performance. When partnered with the appropriate drive sprocket the marriage is complete and maximum performance is attained.

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GB® Professional Slasher Bars are available in a variety of options including symmetrical and asymmetrical design configurations. Double Ender Bars are designed with mounting configurations to fit most applicable cutting systems. These 3/4″ pitch professional bars are designed to O.E.M. specifications. They are produced with the highest quality alloy steel available and are uniquely blended with real Titanium® which results in the hardest and toughest bar on the market.

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GB®’s premium professional chainsaw bar is designed to out-perform all other products on the market.  We at GB® are proud of our complete range of bars, but this is the best of the best. All our years of  experience and advanced technology have been included in the manufacturing process to ensure this  bar is the strongest in the world. GB® consistently endeavors to be in the forefront of the market by  using the latest and best quality materials available. GB®’s quality control team inspects every bar to  guarantee that you will receive a bar that meets or exceeds GB®’s very high expectations.

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Gb® offers a variety of accessories from sprockets, noses, spinners, chain breakers, rams, cams, punches and anvils.

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