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Flail Debarking Chain

In 1978, Wallingford’s® Inc. introduced round link flail chain for Hydro-Ax delimbers, and today continues development of this link design, the first chain ever to be produced specifically for flail applications.

Over the last 30 years Wallingford’s® has developed and delivered oval link design flail chains that have set the standards for long life and consistent quality. Rigid quality control and exact steel and hardness specifications have given contractors clean chips at an affordable price.

Most recently Wallingford’s® introduced a square link design that provides for even longer life, often times upwards to 45% as compared to other manufacturers. This unique design and larger chain diameter allows for the contractor to reduce flail rpm’s which result in longer chain life and less fuel consumption, while maintaining a low bark content. Another benefit of the design is there is no need to flip or rotate the square link flail chain, thus reducing downtime.

Our research and development team continues its efforts with flail rods, flail drums, and curtain chains, all of which will soon be available.