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Oval Flail Debarking Chain



Our strict quality control regimen during the manufacturing process keeps chain breakage to an absolute minimum and guarantees that your last batch of chain will be as good as your first. When your operation depends on clean chips, Wallingford’s oval flail debarking chain is the product you can trust.

Over the last 30 years Wallingford’s has developed and delivered oval link design flail chains that have set the standards for long life and consistent quality. Rigid quality control and exact steel and hardness specifications have given contractors clean chips at an affordable price.

Wallingford’s use of superior steel and adherence to exacting manufacturing standards pay off in flail chain that sets a world standard. Load after load, run after run, our flail chain produces consistently clean stems long after other brands have failed.

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Oval Flail Chain

Part #Number of LinksWire DiameterWeight EachPieces per Drum
6990040RH 8 Heavy.656"5.26lbs 2.4kg250
6990041RH 9 Heavy.656" 5.66lbs 2.6kg220
6990052RH12 Heavy.6567.54lbs 3.52kg170