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What We Do

How does Wallingford’s bring so many innovative, quality products to the market?

The answer lies with our experienced staff and their knowledge of the marketplace. The first step in our success is researching the market to discover and identify any needs for new and improved products in the industries we serve.

What if the products exist?

Once a need is identified, our team searches the market for the product that can fill the need in the industry. If the product currently exists, but has not been marketed, Wallingford’s will become a wholesaler for the product, and our marketing team will introduce it to the industry.

What if the product does not exist?

The Wallingford’s team will design and develop the product to meet the needs of the industry. Our team will then work to create a relationship with an outside manufacturer to build it to our high quality standards. Once the manufacturing process is approved and in process, our team brings the new product to market.

What if a manufacturer is not set up to build the product?

We will keep the design in-house and our team will develop the manufacturing process and equipment needed to build the product and manufacture it ourselves. Once again, the Wallingford’s marketing team will introduce the new, innovative product to the industry.