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Standard Grapple

HSP Gripen


The twin cylinders* in the standard grapple provide low and even shaft loading, which means less wear. The design of the claws allows the logs to roll in gently, fills the grapple efficiently, and ensures that the load stays in place. This grapple works quickly and easily on all types of material.

  • Unique design
  • Double cylinders
  • Double boom tubes
  • High strength steel
  • Expander pins
  • Low built/weight

How to find grapple dimensions



Max Working Pressure MPa2323232323232323
Tip force, tip to tipkN9.38.71716.716.116.21616
Opening time at 70 I/mins
Closing time at 70 I/min s0.
Length, Closed grapplemm 74078080083088597010801110
Maximum grapple openingmm11701400145016901880207021102390
Max widthmm397397488488526526526526
Width, outer clawmm355355434434472472472472
Height, closed grapplemm510510540530565610615695
Height, open grapplemm685645690635600630830715
Min load diametermm9095110110120140140160
Load aream20.
Max loadkg20002000350035005000500050005000