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Bluetrack Mono Skidder



A true all-rounder that can be used universally

Skidders are the work horses of the forests, often having to make their way across rough and steep terrain to do their job. Wheel tracks provide superior traction and are self cleaning, in addition to providing tire protection and extended tire life.

  • Innovative Starwave® profile studs ensure optimum grip and prolonged lifespan
  • 4 horizontal welded-on Starwave® studs provide more stability and even traction
  • Can be used on new and used tires

Bluetrack Mono Skidder

Tire SizeTire ModelPart NumberWeight (lbs)
30.5-32Nokian/FirestoneBSWTD 305323,594
35.5-32Nokian/FirestoneBSWTD 355323,770