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Since 1986, BABAC® has been an industry leader in design and development of forestry tire chains, offering a full line of standard tire chain patterns for skidders, forwarders, and harvesters. BABAC® tire chain models include single and multiple Diamond™ net type (with and without U-Form® studs), and standard and Multi® Ring models (in single or multiple wide patterns).

At BABAC® we understand design and continue to introduce quality, innovative products to the market. We specialize in designing and building tire chains for custom applications and odd tire sizes, utilizing our in-house computer-aided design capabilities.



BABAC® forestry and heavy equipment tire chains are 100% American made and hand assembled for optimum quality control. BABAC® tire chains are built from 10B21 Through Hardened Boron Alloy steel, with a uniform hardness and tensile strength throughout. Extensive tests and field experience have shown that BABAC® tire chains wear longer, more uniformly, and without breakage associated with case hardened products. BABAC® offers a full line of standard tire chain patterns for skidder, forwarder, tractor and heavy equipment applications. BABAC® tire chain models include single and multiple Diamond® net type (with and without U-Form® studs), and standard and Multi® Ring models (in single or multiple wide patterns). BABAC® has computer design capability and we specialize in custom tire chain applications and odd tire sizes.


BABAC®’s Ring chains provide excellent traction for operating in mud or snow. All models feature alloy lugs that, unlike most other chains, are butt and wrap welded for unsurpassed strength and durability. Tag and cross chains are made from through hardened 10B21 Boron Alloy steel, side chains of 1022 hardened steel. Our slanted half links take out pre-load as the chain goes over the tire. This reduces friction and wear and allows for free tag chain movement. It is a standard feature on all of our ring chains.

BSR Standard Ring® offers a self-cleaning design. BS5R 5 Link Ring® provides excellent traction in mud or snow. BSMR Multi Ring® offers a smooth ride and the BDMR Double Multi Ring® gives you superior coverage for wider tires.

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BABAC®’s unique U-Form® Stud chains produce constant traction on ice and rock, have the best wear characteristics of any chain in the world, and offer a smooth operator ride. The U-Form® stud are specially welded on the flat (square) side of the link remaining upright for better wear and superior traction. These studs do not lay down like traditional studded chains, improving traction over rock, frozen/wet wood, ice or ledge. Studs are formed wire with finished ends.

BABAC®’s Rough Cut Studs are an economical alternative to our standard U-Form®. The Rough Cut studs are hydraulically sheared pieces of 10B21 Boron Alloy chain, heat treated to the same specifications as our standard U-Form® studs.


BSS Single Diamond® is our most economical studded tire chain model for narrower tires. BDS Double Diamond® produce constant traction on ice and rock. BTS Triple Diamond® offers great tire protection and traction for wider tire sizes. BFP Forestry Protection gives you the ultimate tire protection and unsurpassed traction. BTSE Euro Style™ are recommended for harvesters and forwarders. BABAC® B15, 1.5 Diamond® chains produce constant traction on ice and rock while staying upright due to their unique design. BABAC®’s newest model B15SY produces constant traction on ice and rock while remaining upright.


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BABAC® offers a wide variety of models we have produced for unique applications. We can engineer and design within less than an hour. Manufacturing and shipping of the custom chains is typically done within 24 hours. Contact us with your tire size and situation and we can design a chain to best suit your needs.

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Accessories from BABAC®

BABAC® offers a variety of tools and spare parts to properly maintain and repair when necessary your chains for long life and maximum performance. G200 and G202 facilitate installation and maintenance requirements, resulting in longer chain life from properly tightened chains. Plug Couplings are also available for installation or repair of forestry tire chains and BABAC® offers a Plug Coupling Installation and Removal Tool. BABAC® Black® Pin Load Rated Shackles are ideal for skidder tire chain applications.

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