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Buetrack Flow



Gentle on the soil, tough on load capacities: Your specialist on soft soil.

  • Wide contact surface area offers flotation
  • Effortless operation on wet or soft ground
  • Innovative mounting of the forged Starwave® profile studs ensures optimum grip

Bluetrack Flow

Tire SizeTire ModelPart NumberWt (lbs)
710/45-26.5Nokian FKF, F2, Forest Rider, Nordman Forest F Trelleborg T428, T480BTF 8666CC-33 2X2W4,077
710/45-26.5Nokian Forest King TRS 2 Extra plates for Timber ProBTF 8667CC-35 2X2W4,320
710/45-26.5Nokian Forest king TRS 2, TRS L-2, Alliance Forestar Floatation 344 LS-2 Trelleborg T440BTF 8667CC-33 2X2W 4,.077
750/55-26.5Nokian Forest King F, Nordman Forest F, Forest King TRS L-2, Nordman Forest TRS L-2BTF 9171CC-37 2X2W4,485
750/55-26.5Nokian Forest King F2, Forest King TRS 2BTF 9172CC-37 2X2W4,644
750/55-26.5Trelleborg T428BTF 9170CC-37 2X2W4,717
780/50-28.5Nokian Forest King F2BTF 9172CC-38 2X2W4,769
780/50-28.5Nodian Forest King TRS 2BTF 9175CC-38 2X2W4,866