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  1. Great Lakes TPA Industry Spotlight

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    Established in 1922, Veriga has an expansive production program and is a prominent European presence in the forestry industry. Wallingford’s Inc. is looking forward t marketing Veriga’s broad range of products across North America, adding new products to their line-up with European design and quality. They use the best raw materials and have an advanced manufacturing facility, including cutting edge heat treatment with an oil quenching process, resulting in products the user will find to be both functional and durable. New products include a full line of bogie and wheel tracks for forestry equipment, forestry chains for skidders and CTL machinery, and snow/traction tire chains for log trucks, tractors and heavy machinery.

  2. International Forest Industries Article

    International Forest Industries

    “Distributors all across the world continually seek new and improved products to procure and therefor to improve their global market. It is no different in the US, where one international distributor continues to seek the highest quality products for their customers and to identify critical areas where loggers require better products for this evolving industry. Wallingford’s has been serving the logging community since 1975 as the wholesaler for tire chain, logging and industrial supplies; the largest of it’s kind in North America.”