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Predator Skid Steer 4-Link



It all begins with steel!

Introducing the new gold standard for tire chains; Predator.
Nickel, chrome, and manganese are all essential elements for maximum strength and durability. Predator has that and more!

Featuring HRC hardness nearly 61 surface, 41 core, with an estimated 10% case hardening depth, this chain was specifically designed for the most demanding applications.

Then there’s performance!

Our unique square link design not only delivers 35% more traction than conventional twist link chain, it normally lasts four times longer.

All Predator Square Link tire chains are easily recognized with their distinct gold chromate colored cross chains.

All Predator Skidsteer chains come standard with boomer end fasteners.

*If you are interested in the Predator™ Skidsteer in a 2-Link version, click here.

Predator Skid Steer - 4 Link

Part #Tire SizeCross Chain Part #Cross Chains / Half PairWeight (lbs) / Pair

Predator Continuous Cross Chain

Part #Diameter Packaged LengthWt (lbs)

Stretch Tire Chain Adjuster

Part #DescriptionPairs per PackageWeight (lbs)
0251iStretch Tire Chain Adjuster, Light Truck,
Rim Sizes Under 17”
0252iStretch Tire Chain Adjuster, Heavy Truck,
Rim Sizes of 17” and Larger