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Orbit™ 3/4″ Harvester Chain

Orbit® Saw Chain


Orbit™ saw chain is manufactured with high-quality alloy steel and offers professionals the best balance of quality and value in the industry. The Orbit™ ¾” pitch saw chain has micro radius semi-chisel cutters and increase kerf width similar to Orbit™ .404 pitch chain. Both Orbit™ lines of harvester chain are engineered for maximum performance and fast cutting speed. All Orbit™ saw chain is manufactured with enhanced multi-layered chrome plating providing excellent durability and wear resistance.

3/4" Pitch Harvester

Part NumberDescriptionQty/Case
HV9550WF50 drive link5
HV9552WF52 drive link5
HV9553WF53 drive link5
HV9555WF55 drive link 5
HV9556WF56 drive link5
HV9557WF57 drive link5
HV9558WF58 drive link5
HV9560WF60 drive link5
HV9566WF66 drive link5
HV9567WF67 drive link5
HV9568WF68 drive link5
HV9582WF82 drive link5
HV9590WF90 drive link5
HV9596WF96 drive link5
HV95BR50WF50 ft. Reel1

3/4" Components

Part NumberDescriptionQty/Case
HV95RHCRight Hand Cutter25
HV95LHCLeft Hand Cutter25
HV95DLDrive Link25
HV95PSPreset Tie Strap25
HV95TSTie Strap25