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Heavy Duty Grapple

HSP Gripen


Our most powerful grapple is designed for heavy lifting and tough jobs. This makes them particularly suitable for clear-cutting forwarders etc. The steel plates are thicker, the rotator plate is larger, the lower boom tubes are reinforced, which combine to make the Heavy Duty our stiffest grapple.

  • Steel plates are thicker
  • Cylinder plate 10mm -> 16mm
  • Claws 16mm -> 20mm
  • Reinforcement plate on lower boom tubes
  • Wider body and rotator plate

How to find grapple dimensions


Heavy Duty

Max Working PressureMPa2323232323232323
Tip force, tip to tipkN9.38.71716.716.116.21616
Opening time at 70 I/mins0.
Closing time at 70 I/mins0.
Length, Closed grapplemm7407808008308859701080 1110
Maximum grapple openingmm11701400145016901880207021102390
Max widthmm397 397488488526526526526
Width, outer clawmm355355434434472472472472
Height, closed grapplemm510510540530565610615695
Height, open grapplemm685645690635600630830715
Min load diametermm9095110110120140140160
Load aream20.
Max load kg20002000350035005000500050005000