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Diamond Studded ATV Chains



Superior Traction

Diamond® Studded ATV Chains are for the most demanding traction applications. Two robotically welded studs on every other link provide extremely aggressive traction. Diamond® pattern allows for a smooth ride. Comes with boomer end fasteners for easy tightening. Packed in cardboard cartons.

Diamond® Studded

Part #Tire SizeWt (lbs) / Pair
ATV605i22x11.00-8 22x11x8 22x10x9 22x11x9 22x10x10 22x11x10 23x10x10 23x8-10 23x8-11 24x10x11 24x9x11 205/80-12 23x10.50-12 23x10-12 24x9x1227
ATV610i24x11x8 25x11x8 24x11x9 24x13x9 25x12x9 25x13-9 24x11.5x10 24x11x10 25x10x10 25x11x10 25x12x10 25x10x12 26x8-12 26x9.5-12 26x9-12 270/60-12 26x8-14 26x9-1429
ATV615i25x11x12 25x13.5x12 26x10.5x12 26x10-12 26x11-12 26x12.00-12 27x10x12 27x11-12 27x12x12 27x9-12 26x10-14 26x11-14 26x12-14 27x10-14 27x11-14 27x12-14 27x9-1430