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Orbit™ 3/8″ Chainsaw Chain

Orbit® Saw Chain


Orbit™ saw chain is manufactured with high-quality alloy steel and offers professionals the best balance of quality and value in the industry. Our Orbit™ 3/8” pitch saw chain is a full chisel; non-safety chainsaw chain expanding our offerings to the professional loggers using handheld saws. All Orbit™ saw chain is manufactured with enhanced multi-layered chrome plating providing excellent durability and wear resistance.

3/8” Pitch Chainsaw

Part NumberDescriptionGaugeQty/Case
85060NSWF60 drive link.05030
85860NSWF60 drive link.05830
85068NSWF68 drive link.05030
85868NSWF68 drive link.05830
85072NSWF72 drive link.05030
85872NSWF72 drive link.05830
85084NSWF84 drive link.05030
85884NSWF84 drive link.05830
850BR100NSWF100 ft. Reel.05030
858BR100NSWF100 ft. Reel.05830

3/8" Components

Part NumberDescriptionGaugeQty/Case
CL850DLDrive Link.05025
CL858DLDrive Link.05825
CL850LHCLeft Hand Cutter .05025
CL858LHCLeft Hand Cutter .05825
CL850RHCRight Hand Cutter.05025
CL858RHCRight Hand Cutter.05825
CL850PSPreset Tie Strap.05025
CL858PSPreset Tie Strap.05825
CL850TSTie Strap.05025
CL858TSTie Strap.05825