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Terra TL 85 Multi-Terrain Track

Clark Tracks


1.1 Standard Spike Pattern

Terra Forest Machine Track, Terra TL 85, features a unique double grouser track plate offering exceptional grip and traction in most ground conditions which, combined with the Lite-Link system offers a high performance track with smooth running and minimal disturbance. This track is designed for use on most sizes and types of forest machine.

  • Low profile design reduces vibration and results in less operator fatigue
  • Arguably the best multi terrain tracks on the market
  • Can be used all year round
  • Tempered for cold weather durability
  • Optional, exclusive Haggis Utlra Link      

nisula tensioner toolThe purchase of each pair of Clark Bogie Tracks includes:

  • 1 Track Tensioner, QTT404-407 Nisula Tensioner
  • 2 Fitting Staples
  • 16 Joining Links, 8 long and 8 short





TERRA TL85 with 1.1 standard spike pattern

Tire SizeTire Brand & Tread PatternPart NumberWt (lb)
700/50-26.5 Nokian ELSTL-800171/24H4,072
710/45-26.5Nokian Forest King F and F2, Trelleborg T428, FirestoneTL-800171/24H4,072
710/45-26.5Nokian Forest King TRS2TL-8001771/243,986
710/45-26.5Nokian TRS L-2TL-800371/243,995
710/45-26.5Nokian Forest RiderTL-80001071/244,087