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Terra FX 95 Multi-Terrain Track

Clark Tracks


2.2 Rocky Spike Pattern

Our Terra FX95 Forest Machine Track is the ultimate multi-terrain track for the largest forwarders and harvesters. FX95 features a double grouser track plate offering exceptional grip and traction combined with smooth running and low ground disturbance. Rocky Spikes that are 75mm extra heavy duty spikes for the Terra 95’s.

  • Exclusive Haggis Utlra Link   
  • Arguably the best multi terrain tracks on the market
  • Particularly suited to medium and large harvesters and forwarders, 14t payload upwards
  • Rocky Spikes comes standard
  • Low profile design reduces vibration and results in less operator fatigue
  • All season use; assured winter and summer performance
  • Suitable for Scarifying operations


The purchase of each pair of Clark Bogie Tracks includes: QTT400

  • 1 Track Tensioner
  • 2 Fitting Staples
  • 16 Joining Links, 8 long and 8 short



TERRA FX with 2.2 Rocky Spike Pattern

Tire Size Tire Brand & Tead PatternPart NumberWt (lbs)
750/55-26.5Nokian Forest King FFX-951175/28H/EB6,135
750/55-26.5Nokian Forest Kind F2FX-9511875/28H/EB6,173
780/50-28.5Nokian Forst King F2FX-9511881/EB6,049