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Veriga’s floatation track offering for swampy and soft foundations. Similar to the Multi, the Soft comes standard with an alternating spike pattern. Featuring 26/30mm and 30/35mm asymmetrical link systems for longer service life.


  • Soft and marshy terrain
  • Ideal for situations where impact to the ground is a concern

Fitting kit includes:

  • 2 assembly hooks
  • 16 (8 short & 8 long) assembly elements fitted with screws and nuts

Mounting tool is sold separately.







Tire SizeTire Make & ModelPart #Wt. lbs
710/45-26.5Nokian FKF, FKF2, Alliance 343, Tianli HF2, Trelleborg 423 & 428SO710265FR/264,392
710/45-26.5Nokian TRS L-2, TRS 2, Alliance 344, Tianli FG, Trelleborg 422 & 440SO710265TR/264,392

Connection Links

SizePart #Wt. lbs
C-Link 20x50CP-C-20x50 D26 TO4.9
C-Link 20x50CP-C-20x50 D30 TO5.3
Repair Link D26CPG-26 TO2.9
Repair Link D30CPG-30 TO3.5