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Traditional single-grouzer profile with an alternating spike pattern providing excellent traction and stability of the machine on various types of ground.
It is appropriate for steep and rocky terrains and also for mud and snow. Self cleaning design.


  • Demanding and rocky terrain
  • Mud and snow
  • Self cleaning design

Fitting kit includes:

  • 1 track mounting toolVeriga bogie tensioner
  • 2 assembly hooks
  • 16 (8 short and 8 long) assembly elements fitted with screws and nuts






Tire SizeTire Make & ModelPart #Wt. lbs
710/45-26.5Nokian FKF, FKF2, Alliance 343, Tianli HF2, Trelleborg 423 & 428MU710265FR/264,154
710/45-26.5Nokian TRS L-2, TRS 2, Alliance 344, Tianli FG, Trelleborg 422 & 440MU710265TR/264,154

30mm EB

Tire SizeTire Make & ModelPart #Wt. lbs
750/55-26.5Nokian FKF, Alliance 343, Tianli FF, Trelleborg 480MU750265FR/30EB5,592
750/55-26.5Nokian FKF2MU750265FR2/30EB5,662
750/55-26.5Nokian FK TRS 2, TRS L-2, Alliance 344, Tianli HF, Trelleborg 428MU750265TR/30EB5,592
780/50-28.5Nokian FKF2MU780285FR/30EB5,799

Connection Links

Wt. lbs
C-Link 20x50CP-C-20x50 D26 TO4.9
C-Link 20x50CP-C-20x50 D30 TO5.3
Repair Link D26CPG-26 TO2.9
Repair Link D30CPG-30 TO3.5