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CX Climbing Track

Clark Tracks


CX Climbing Track is the most aggressive track available providing superior traction in the roughest terrains.

  • Exclusive Haggis Utlra Link      
  • Double paddle spikes provide maximum traction
  • In stock for North America

The purchase of each pair of Clark Bogie Tracks includes: QTT400

  • 1 Track Tensioner
  • 2 Fitting Staples
  • 16 Joining Links, 8 long and 8 short



GROUZER CX with Haggis Link System & 2.2.2 paddle spike

Tire SizeTire Brand & Tread PatternPart NumberWt (lb)
700/50-26.5 Nokian ELSCX-602171/28H4,151
710/45-26.5Nokian Forest King F and F2 Trelleborg T428, FirestoneCX-602171/28H4,151
710/45-26.5Nokian TRS L-2CX-602371/28H4,074
710/45-26.5Nokian Forest RiderCX-6021071/28H4,171