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BTME Triple Mesh Euro



Triple Mesh™ Euro Style™ offers traction and protection, featuring BABAC® U-Form® studs. Triple Mesh™ Euro Style™ chains are recommended for harvesters and forwarders. Available in 9/16”(14mm) and 5/8”(16mm) tag chain options, they come standard with European plug coupling connectors and with the outside rails non-studded allowing for tighter clearances.

• 9/16″ (14mm)
• 5/8″ (16mm)
• 8 Studs Per Mesh
• Non-studded outside rails


Standard U-Form® Stud

Rough Cut

Optional Rough Cut Stud









BTMESC Triple Mesh Euro Style 9/16" (14mm)

SizePart #Wt (lbs/kg)
700/50-26.5 70050265BTMESC774/351
700/55-34 7005534BTMESC 922/418
700/70-34 7007034BTMESC1068/484
750/55-26.5 75055265BTMESC 867/393

BTMESH Triple Mesh Euro Style 5/8" 916mm)

SizePart #Wt (lbs/kg)
700/45-22.5 70045225BTMESH881/400
700/50-26.5 70050265BTMESH 1006/456
710/45-26.5 71045265BTMESH897/407
700/55-34 7005534BTMESH1198/543
700/70-34 7007034BTMESH1382/627
710/45-26.5 71045265BTMESH 897/407
750/55-26.5 75055265BTMESH1121/508