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The factory Veriga was established in 1922. The production program included screws, forgings, heavy anchor chains, forestry towing chains, transport chains for mining, and various chains by meter, from thickness of 1 mm up to 100 mm. Later, the production expanded onto snow chains and protection chains for tractors and heavy machinery, as well as snow chains for automobiles. In 1992, the chain RIVAL COMPACT has been created, patented and certified. It remains in the production of the company to this day.

Such a production program combined with the quality of products placed Veriga among the largest manufacturers in the European and global markets. This is why the factory also manufactured chains for other renowned brands of chains. In those times, Veriga employed over 1,500 workers.
In 1998, the company went through a privatization process and was renamed into VERIGA K.F., d.o.o.

Nowadays, the production program contains:

  • snow chains for trucks, tractors, and heavy machinery;
  • forestry chains for skidders and heavy machinery chains for wood towing;
  • protective chains for heavy machinery;
  • walking crampons for shoes.

The products are sold both on the domestic and global markets. With every passing year, Veriga is increasingly successful at competing with the largest global manufacturers of chains, while the company’s own brand VERIGA is also getting more and more recognition at the same time.

Forestry Chain is made for special vehicles, intended for storage and removal of wood and work in the most difficult conditions.

• Distinguished by good grip, vehicle stability and optimal tire protection;
• Made of special alloy steel and fully heat treated (carburising). Toughness gained by the material through such processing additionally extends the life span of the chain;
• Available in 11 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm and 18 mm versions;
• The chain has a tensioning system, which enables use on all types of tires and adjustment to worn tires;
• Due to its construction and forged parts, it cleans itself during driving;

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Veriga studded truck chains are designed for the most difficult driving conditions and the most powerful vehicles. All studded truck chains are manufactured with a carburizing heat treat process for maximum strength and service life. Available in both 7mm and 8mm wire diameter. Featuring twist link chain with welded studs on the upturned corners of the links, for unsurpassed traction, stocked in popular tire sizes.

VerigaSNOW chains are heat treated until a hardness of 55-60 HRC for the studs and 50-55 HRC for the links is achieved. This gives excellent wear resistance.

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