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NordChain has roots from Gunnebo 1764

NordChain is Swedens new traction chain! At the same time it’s Swedens oldest, with roots in Gunnebo in Småland. In 1764 Hans Hultman started the production of nails in Gunnebo, 10 km south of Västervik.For a long time nails was the main product sold to the shipyards in Västervik. In 1855 Gunnebo Bruk started production of chains. The forestry industry became a growing user of “Gunnebo-chains” mostly for fastening at log floating and transport.

Traction chains since 1930

In the end of the 1920’s Gunnebo Bruk started the development of traction chains for cars, buses and trucks that then became more common on Swedish winter roads. From 1930 there was a complete program of “Gunnebo traction chains” on the market. This is why we have chosen 1930 as our “birth year” shown in our new NordChain logo. When tractors became more common in agriculture after the second world war Gunnebo became the main distributor of traction chains. The chains were used all year round, both during winter and during plowing and harvesting time.

The first forwarder had Gunnebo-chains

At the beginning of the 1960’s the first forwarder was developed for the Swedish forestry industry. At the same time Gunnebo developed suitable traction chains, and this work still continues! At the same pace as the forestry machines change, our chains are continually developed for optimal grip, protection and endurance.

250 years of development

Since the start back in 1764 there have been changes in ownership, production facilities and sales sites as the business has grown. In 2008 Gunnebo Industrier AB was bought by Segulah, a Swedish private equity firm. 2012 the production of traction chains and bogie tracks became a separate company, Nordic Traction AB, within Gunnebo Industrier Holding. The production of traction chains in located outside of Turku in Finland and the bogie tracks are produced in Scotland. In total there are approximately 100 employees within Nordic Traction AB and with revenue of around 20 million euro.

Recently the private equity company Accent Equity Partners has bought Nordic Traction AB from Segulah. The brand of Gunnebo was not included in this purchase since the rights are owned by Gunnebo AB. Therefore the brand name is now changed to NordChain.

Everything else is the same

The change of owner does not change anything in the day to day work in Nordic Traction AB. In Gunnebo it is the same work force as before. The objectives are as before; to develop, market and sell via our resellers both NordChain traction chains and Clark Tracks bogie tracks.

Truck Tire Chains

Nordchain studded truck chains are made from hardened micro boron alloy steel which provides high wear resistance. The variety of sizes and stud patterns offered contribute to their constant grip and comfortable drive.

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Harvester / Forwarder Chains

NordChain’s Superstud TS (16mm) is made from case hardened micro boron alloy steel for high wear resistance and has an additional tension chain for superior fit. It gets it’s excellent grip from 19mm welded u-studs and has specially designed “Tight Sides” which gives the tire extra protection against sharp rocks and stumps.

Superstud TS from NordChain is a very popular chain. Good grip thanks to 16 mm butt welded U-studs. Additional chain on the tire walls and a tight pattern give a very good protection against sharp rocks and stumps. Micro alloy case hardened boron steel gives high wear resistance. It has tension chain and surface treated with dark blue paint.

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Skidder Chains

Superstud chains provide excellent grip thanks to 19mm welded u-studs. Case hardened, micro alloy boron steel gives high wear resistance. Superstud 160 is a 16mm chain and is available in a variety of diamond pattern options. Superstud 190 is a 19mm chain and is available in double and triple pattern options.

NordChain’s Skogsgrip is an open, one diamond style chain with particularly good self-cleaning properties. Excellent grip thanks to 19mm welded u-studs and very easy to mount on the tire. Case hardened boron micro alloy steel provides high wear resistance.

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Nordchain Accessories

Nordchain offers mounting tools, connecting links and side chain hooks along with cross chains.

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