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High performance for maximum work life…

Clark Tracks Ltd, part of Nordic Traction Group, specializes in developing and manufacturing forest machine tracks to suit almost all Cut-to-Length machines and Skidders. Our company can supply tracks in various sizes and designs to suit virtually all terrain, all climates and all machine types.

Clark Tracks are based in Dumfries, in the South West of Scotland. As a manufacturer of forest machinery tracks for almost 30 years, we have built a strong reputation for delivering high quality products to the largest forestry machinery manufacturers around the world.

All of Clark Tracks Forest Machinery Tracks are manufactured from special boron alloy steel. The durability and toughness of the steel is maximized using specialized induction heating processes. Specifically designed and manufactured steel sections and forgings are used to give high performance combined with the longest possible working life. Each set of tracks has been manufactured for use with a particular tire and should only be used as recommended by this website.

Haggis Ultra Link are standard on FX and CX tracks and are available as an option for TL85. These links are a unique patented design.haggis link

  • Bearing surfaces matched      
  • Maximum contact area
  • Reduced contact pressure
  • Reduced wear
  • Protects C-Link from premature wear
  • Less maintenance and down-time as less re-tensioning and adjustments are required
  • Specially designed side flanges inhibit link twisting
haggis link 3
haggis link 2

Terra TL 85 with 1.1 Standard Spike Pattern

Terra TL 85 features a unique double grouser track plate offering exceptional grip and traction in most ground conditions which, combined with the Lite-Link system offers a high performance track with smooth running and minimal disturbance. This track is designed for use on most sizes and types of forest machine.

  • Low profile design reduces vibration and results in less operator fatigue
  • Arguably the best multi terrain tracks on the market
  • Can be used all year round
  • Tempered for cold weather durability
  • Haggis UltraLink comes standard
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Terra FX 95 with 2.2 Rocky Spike Pattern

Our Terra FX95 Forest Machine Track is the ultimate multi-terrain track for the largest forwarders and harvesters. FX95 features a double grouser track plate offering exceptional grip and traction combined with smooth running and low ground disturbance.

  • Arguably the best multi terrain tracks on the market
  • Particularly suited to medium and large harvesters and forwarders, 14t payload upwards
  • Ideal for 6 wheel Tigercat Skidder
  • Rocky Spike – 75mm extra heavy duty spikes comes standard
  • Low profile design reduces vibration and results in less operator fatigue
  • All season use; assured winter and summer performance
  • Suitable for Scarifying operations
  • Haggis UltraLink comes standard
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CX Climbing Track

Grouzer Plate CX with Haggis Link system and 2.2 Paddle Spike

CX Climbing Track is the most aggressive track available providing superior traction in the roughest terrains.

  • Double paddle spikes provide maximum traction
  • Aggressive spike pattern for climbing
  • Maximum traction
  • Haggis UltraLink comes standard
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All Terrain Flotation with Haggis Link system and 1.1 Standard Spike Pattern

The ATF plate is designed to provide superior flotation in snowy or wet conditions. Wide and upturned edges give flotation combined with excellent traction.

  • Wet, marshy, snow and ice performan
  • Broad, upturned edges for flotation and easy steering
  • Haggis UltraLink comes standard
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28MM Side-Link System

Desinged to improve productivity in demanding sites, Supergrip Wheel Tracks are an alternative to traditional tire chains for 6-wheeled harvesters, forwarders and skidders.

Wheel Tracks provide numerous benefits including:

  • Less Maintenance
  • Superior Traction
  • Tire Protection
  • Reduced Ground Disturbance
  • Smother Ride
  • Self Cleaning
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Clark Accessories

Wallingford’s® carries many accessories for Clark Tracks, from Track Joining Links to Track Repair Links. We also have Track End Plates, Anti-Skid Spikes and Tensioners.

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